Hi, I'm Laura

Out east foodie is about celebrating the bounty and richness of all things food throughout the East End of Long Island. I am a trained Graphic Designer and for more than 20 years, I have been bringing corporations’ and people’s brands and stories to life through beautifully designed graphics, photography and text. My hope is to bring that same level of expertise, passion and sensitivity to this blog, which will captivate the out east communities stories in a unique way.  I will be visiting local farms, fisheries and artisanal food makers that span the ‘palette’ of the Hamptons and North Fork region, sharing with you the foods and philosophies of these local artisans foodmakers. There is a revival of history on the East End. It revisits the old tradition of farm-to-table and brings neighbors to one another by supporting what makes us thrive and what makes the East End so special. Building bountiful relationships with local bakers, beekeepers, cheesemakers, chefs, farmers, fishers, gardeners and winemakers, we can create an eco-friendly food system that is undeniably healthy, local and delicious. 

As a child

I grew up about 100 miles west of the Hamptons and North Fork in Hawthorne, NY. My second home was in East Quogue. One of my first exposures to food and cooking was with my grandparents in their kitchen. Lending a hand preparing Sunday’s gravy (meat sauce) and tuttaes (tortelli Piacentini), which were my grandmother’s ravioli from her hometown of Piacenza, Italy. My grandfather would make the most luscious Ricotta Cheesecake you have ever tasted and to this day, no one else has come close to this delicacy. I am practicing however! 

All season long my family and I would experience what being Out East had to offer. The fondest of memories were fishing with Pops. My father was and still is an avid fisherman. We would catch our own fish, crabs or feet for clams, all of which was in our backyard. To complement our fresh catch of the day we would go around the corner to the local farms to get fruits and vegetables.

Sheridan Green

Modern Homesteading: Your Property, Your Energy, Your Choice. This phrase describes my sustainable home, Sheridan Green, in Hampton Bays, and was coined by my architect husband Chris of Christopher Jeffrey Architects. The home sits between the North and South Forks of Long Island—It was important for us to be close to our food producers—as both tines is an edible haven. In 2014, our home was completed and achieved a Tier 3 Energy Star Rating. So what does that mean? A home that has been Energy Star certified means it has been designed, constructed, and independently verified to meet the rigorous requirements for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including: thermal enclosure system, water management system, heating and cooling, and ventilation system, and energy efficient lighting and appliances. On a scale from 0 (most efficient) –140 (less efficient), Sheridan Green received a HERS rating of 15 (0-20 is the best rating for energy star—Tier 3). There is on-site rainwater containment for the edible rooftop garden, and eventually: chickens for eggs, manure for the gardens, and tick maintenance, and beekeeping for the pollination of native plants and luscious honey. Sheridan Green will be another platform: where like-minded people can come together to talk story, enjoy amazing food and drink and share inspiration in a great space—Stay tuned for the out east feast.

Thank You for visiting out east foodie and hope you enjoy all things food about this beautiful place they call “Out East”.