Changing Lives One Scoop at a Time


Five years ago I designed the brand for Alphabet Scoop which is a program that is run by Father's Heart Ministries on the lower east side of Manhattan. This program recruits teens from lower income households and promotes basic responsibilities giving them the confidence and guidance they will need to eventually go out into the work place.

Whether you are from NYC, out east or anywhere around the world you can relate to how a mentorship program like Alphabet Scoop can have a positive and powerful influence on teens in a community.

From my observation the out east community is very passionate about their causes; whether trying to develop edible school gardens, donating time and growing produce for the local food pantries or even protecting working farms and natural lands. Every little bit counts!

Intimately getting to know your communities and understanding the need for positive change is the first step in creating a world more beautiful.

Below is a short video of the great work these teens are doing. Alphabet Scoop is changing lives one scoop at a time and so can we.